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Dr. Theodore Henderson reports mounting evidence that “neuro-laser” treatment effectively treats traumatic brain injury (TBI) by reversing inflammation, oxidative stress and neurodegeneration


DENVER, Colo. (May 5, 2016) — A revolutionary non-invasive brain treatment invokes a powerful restorative impact on TBI, the latest science published this month demonstrates. This new science harnesses the power of light – near-infrared light. High powered or multi-watt coherent infrared light, or “neuro-laser” safely reaches into the brain and activates numerous brain reparative processes, including the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, the brain’s own repair system.

Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD, authored the study Multi-watt near-infrared light therapy as a neuroregenerative treatment for traumatic brain injury which was published May 3, 2016 in the Neural Regeneration Research, and is cited in the National Library of Congress (Pubmed).

“Only multi-watt neuro-laser has sufficient energy to penetrate skin and skull, reaching the deep parts of the brain where injuries are, with no irritation to the skin or other side effects,” said Dr. Henderson, who has co-authored five related studies in the last year outlining the efficacy of the procedure and the biological mechanisms of the light (see 5 Recent Studies Show NILT Helps TBI). “The patients are responding very positively, and our data is consistently showing robust responses. This treatment is really helping turn lives around. The stories we’re hearing are amazing.”

Former police officer Jennifer Fortezzo is one example. After retiring from the police force due to injury, the after-effects of numerous traumatic brain injuries began taking a serious toll on her life. Beleaguered with daily suicidal thoughts, she sought solutions to what is largely considered to be an “untreatable” condition. She began NILT treatments with Dr. Henderson in March. Just a few months later, today Fortezzo has joined the “Say Goodbye TBI” campaign and reports, “It’s been very freeing for me. I felt for so many years like I was in bondage. And this is the first time I feel free.”

The new treatment is spearheaded by Drs. Henderson and Larry Morries, co-Founders of the Neuro-Laser Foundation. They are on the forefront of studying the effectiveness of treating TBI patients with a specialized method referred to as NILT.

With millions of TBI survivors, and various other possible applications for NILT, this is one of the hottest topics in neuro-science today, according to Dr. Henderson. Their recent work has also revealed NILT may have promise for treating depression.

“The need is tremendous. We suspect there are many other ways NILT could help the brain heal,” said Dr. Morries, who together with Dr. Henderson, is seeking $2.5 million through the “Say Goodbye TBI” campaign for research and for financial aid to provide treatment for military veterans and first-responders.

The study also highlighted that the required equipment and low number of applications shown to be effective point to potential for wide dissemination, as it has also been found to be safe in the hands of properly trained professionals. The method, currently in the patent process, utilizes unique infrared laser instruments developed to Drs. Morries and Henderson’s specifications.

The Neuro-Laser Foundation (NLF) is a non-profit organization, based in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to transforming lives of those distraught with various psychiatric and neurological conditions, some resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Building on more than 30 years of studying the effects of near-infrared light on cells and tissues, the Foundation is advancing technology and treatment approaches that will increase quality of life factors for people impacted by traumatic brain injury.

More information is available at or calling (720) 493-1101.


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