Treating Depression with Near-Infrared Light Therapy

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Imagine a highly-effective alternative to antidepressant medications without any side effects.


Multi-Watt transcranial near-infrared light therapy (NILT), which has proven to be highly effective in treating traumatic brain injury, is demonstrating revolutionary results in the successful treatment of depression.

Clinical data gathered by the Neuro-Laser Foundation team as well as other researchers and collaborators, including those at ​Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard Medical School demonstrates the compelling effects of NILT for those suffering from depression.

Fast Treatment Results with Longevity
Patients experience a dramatic decrease in depression symptoms, often in as little as eight weeks. Furthermore, they remain depression-free for years after one course of treatment, in most cases.

Patients’ depression scale scores dropped dramatically after receiving multi-watt NILT.

Non-invasive light therapy. No daily pill regimens. Results that last.


How does multi-Watt near-infrared light therapy (NILT) work?
NILT​ activates the ​brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and other brain growth factors while reducing inflammation.

Recent work shows this treatment to be effective in multiple devastating neurological diseases including ​Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

If you or someone close to you can benefit from this life-changing treatment, ​contact us today for a free consultation​ with Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Centers.

The Neuro-Laser Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to studying the effects of near-infrared light on cells and tissues to advance technology and treatment approaches for depression, traumatic brain injury, and more. Donations support research as well as treatment for military Veterans and first-responders who qualify. To make a donation, please ​visit the Neuro-Laser Foundation fundraising page​.

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