Complex Multi-Watt Laser Therapy
The newly provided ASPEN laser, has some innovative features, personally requested by our Dr. Morries. The unit is actually two (2) lasers in one, with variable control of the two different wavelengths, (810 & 980 nm) as to percentage of each. The 810 nm wavelength provides for improved healing, while the 980 nm for reduction in pain. This allows for control of the treatment Wattage, from each unit which is the measured Power Density. This unit has a greater / higher wattage level of 18 Watts. In short, this unit is the latest technology and provides for controlled level of penetration into the injured tissue. Also this unit will come with a larger applicator allowing for a greater area to be treated at a given moment, but also allowing for less heat and, again, greater penetration. At the molecular level, the NIR laser provides the “electromagnetic energy PHOTON” that transfers this energy to the protein called Cytochrome C within the mitochondria of the cell. This initiates numerous subcellular second messenger systems, shifts redox balances, and activates genetic processes. The outcome is upregulation of processes leading to cellular repair, synaptogenesis, anti-apoptotic mechanisms, and reduction of inflammation.

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