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(Photo: Dr. Larry Morries and Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall pause for a click while discussing “brain smart” strategies.)

During a private, invitation-only event for health care professionals in Denver last Thursday night, special guest Brandon Marshall from the Denver Broncos shared his experiences benefiting from integrative medicine.

However, he really pricked up his ears when he heard Drs. Larry Morries and Theodore Henderson explaining some of their work with reversing brain damage from traumatic brain injury. With the “Concussion” movie coming out soon, concussions have been on everyone’s minds lately..

Dr. Morries shared results from two recently published studies that showed a unique high-powered, multi-watt near-infrared light therapy (NILT) penetrates the scalp and skull to reach the brain, and regenerate the damaged brain cells. Patients reported significant improvement in their conditions after 30 days, and overall quality of life with no negative side affects or skin irritation. To date, the patients’ symptoms have not returned.

Marshall seemed to “see the light” and value related to this treatment. He plays linebacker, a position notorious for hard-hitting action, often risking concussion or repeated brain trauma. 

When asked if helmets are helping avoid concussions, Marshall acknowledged there’s no such thing as a concussion-proof helmet. He also said that he always tries to tackle properly, keeping “his head out of the game.”

Based on his use of integrative approaches to healthcare, and the heads up philosophy for  the game, we’d call him a “brain-smart” football player.

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